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I know the frustration of trying to bulk up those arms – feels like I’ve hit every plateau. But after diving deep into research, I discovered a few game-changing exercises that genuinely work.

Let’s dive into the best workouts for achieving biceps and triceps that don’t just look stronger but are stronger. Time to beef up those guns!

Key Takeaways

  • To make your arms bigger, do specific exercises like barbell curls, hammer curls, and concentration curls for biceps. These moves help increase muscle size and strength.
  • For stronger triceps and overall arm mass, include diamond press-ups, tricep dips, and overhead tricep extensions in your workouts. These target different parts of the arms for balanced growth.
  • Eating enough protein is key to growing bigger muscles. Aim for 1.4 to 2.2 grams per kilogram of body weight daily from foods like chicken, fish, eggs, and legumes.
  • Staying hydrated helps with muscle recovery and overall health by keeping joints smooth and improving sleep quality.
  • Combining arm exercises with back workouts ensures a balanced upper body development while accelerating arm muscle growth through integrated movements like chin-ups and dips.

Key Exercises for Bigger Biceps

To grow your biceps, you need to focus on specific lifts. Lifting a long bar with weights on each end and doing curls really works your upper arm muscles.

Barbell Curl

I start my arm workouts with barbell curls because they’re great for making my biceps bigger and stronger. I stand up straight, hold the barbell with both hands, and keep my upper arms by my side.

Then, I curl the bar towards my shoulders but make sure not to move my elbows. This exercise really works out not just the biceps brachii but also engages muscles in the upper back.

By focusing on a clean lift and lowering the weight slowly, I feel every part of the movement strengthen my arms. Barbell curls are a foundation exercise for any strength training aiming at muscle growth in the upper arms.

Each session adds a little more challenge to push for those extra gains.

Hammer Curl

Shifting gears from barbell curls, let’s talk about hammer curls. I often include this exercise in my routine because it targets the brachialis muscle. This muscle plays a huge part in making arms look bigger and more muscular.

Hammer curls are not just another version of bicep curls; they focus on both the upper and lower arm muscles, leading to wider and thicker arms.

For this workout, you can use dumbbells or even a barbell, standing up or sitting down. It’s all about pulling your flexor muscles into action while keeping your palms facing each other.

This method really helps build mass along the lateral side of my arms, contributing greatly to overall arm strength and size. By sticking to hammer curls alongside traditional bicep workouts such as preacher-curl or cable curl exercises, I’ve seen significant results in how much larger my arms appear – proving once again why it’s a staple in many resistance training programs for those aiming for muscular growth.

Concentration Curl

I do concentration curls to build my biceps. This exercise makes my arms stronger for other movements. I sit down and rest my arm against my leg to stop it from moving too much. This helps me focus on using my bicep muscle more than anything else.

By doing this, I make sure that all the effort goes into growing my bicep.

Cable curls are pretty similar because they also help me control momentum, which is great for bicep growth. But with concentration curls, I really get to isolate one arm at a time and push it hard.

This way, every curl counts towards making my biceps bigger and stronger without extra shifting at the shoulder joint messing things up.

Essential Triceps Exercises for Mass

To get bigger triceps, I add special moves to my workout. Diamond press-ups and overhead extensions pump up my arms fast.

Diamond Press-Up

I include diamond press-ups in my arm workouts because they target the triceps really well. This exercise focuses on the lateral part of the tricep, which is hard to hit with other moves.

By placing my hands close together in a triangle shape, I feel more load on my arms. Experts say diamond push-ups are top-notch for working the triceps.

Adding these to my routine helps grow bigger arms. Since narrow hand placement adds extra challenge, it makes every rep count even more towards building those muscles.

Tricep Dips

Moving from diamond press-ups to another powerful arm builder, tricep dips stand out as a go-to move for anyone aiming to grow their upper arms. This exercise makes the back of your arms really work.

By lowering and lifting my body, I use my own weight to build muscle. It’s not just the triceps that feel the burn, though; this movement gets the biceps and shoulder muscles involved too.

To perform tricep dips, I find a sturdy bench or a dip bar. With hands gripping the edge, I lower myself down until my elbows are bent at about a 90-degree angle before pushing back up.

The beauty of it? You can do them almost anywhere – no fancy equipment needed. Plus, integrating these into your routine will help develop all three heads of your triceps, ensuring balanced and impressive growth across your entire upper arm area.

Overhead Tricep Extension

After mastering tricep dips, I move on to overhead tricep extensions for more focus on my upper-arm muscles. This exercise targets the long head of the triceps more than pushdowns do.

By lifting weights over my head, I create a stretched position that is key to building muscle and strength in my arms. It’s exciting to know this method really maximizes growth because it stretches the triceps fully.

Using dumbbells or a barbell, I perform overhead tricep extensions by extending my arms above me while keeping my elbows tight. This can be done standing or sitting, making it versatile for any workout plan.

The variation allows me to work the muscles from different angles, ensuring every part of the triceps gets attention. It’s a top isolation exercise that has become essential in developing mass in my arms.

Combined Exercises for Overall Arm Strength

For overall arm strength, doing both chin-ups and dips works great. These activities make your arms stronger by hitting many muscles at once. Chin-ups use a bar to pull yourself up, which really works the muscles in your upper limbs and back.

Dips require you to lift your body with your arms while supported on parallel bars or a similar setup, targeting the muscles on the opposite side of your biceps for a full workout.

Try these exercises to see improvement in muscle power and size across your entire arm. Keep going to learn more!


I include chin-ups in my arm workouts because they’re amazing for growing bigger arms. This exercise is a powerhouse for targeting the biceps and giving the whole upper body a solid workout.

Trainers say chin-ups are one of the best exercises you can do if you want to see real muscle growth in your arms. By grabbing onto a chinup bar and pulling myself up until my chin is over the bar, I work not just my biceps but also other parts of my upper body.

Not only do I mix regular chin-ups into my routine, but I also add weight once they get easier. This pushes my muscles even more and helps pump up their size faster. Alongside eating right—lots of protein and healthy carbs—I’ve seen great results from incorporating explosive movements into each pull-up.

It’s all about using what works together: good food, varied exercises like squats and deadlifts for overall strength, and specific moves like weighted chin-ups to target those arm muscles directly.


Dips are a great workout for growing bigger arms. They target the triceps, shoulders, and chest. By doing dips, I increase strength and size in my upper arms. This exercise uses my body weight to push up and down.

It really tightens the back of my arms too.

This movement also works on other parts of the arm, like the biceps. So, it’s not just for the triceps but helps build overall arm muscle. To do them right, I make sure to keep my elbows in and go down slowly before pushing myself back up.

Now, let’s talk about including back workouts for a balanced upper body.

Incorporating Back Workouts for a Balanced Upper Body

I also focus on my back muscles to get a balanced upper body. Doing exercises like pull-ups and tricep dips helps work my upper back, shoulders, core, and arms all at once. I make sure to include movements that engage my glutes and lower back too.

A simple move is lifting my limbs and chest off the ground, which really targets these areas.

Eating right plays a big part in this process. I stick to foods high in protein like turkey breast and chickpeas. These help me grow bigger muscles everywhere, including my arms and back.

Drinking lots of water keeps me hydrated during workouts. Avoiding sugary drinks and sweets helps too—I reach for complex carbs from beans or vegetables instead.

Nutrition Tips for Muscle Growth

Eating right plays a big role in growing bigger muscles. You need lots of protein and enough water every day to feed your muscles.

Protein Intake

To grow my muscles, I make sure to eat enough protein. This means I aim for 1.4 to 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of my body weight every day. Good sources that help me are chicken, fish, eggs, and legumes.

Sometimes after exercising, I drink a protein shake to boost my intake.

Researchers found that more protein in our diet helps our muscles get bigger and stronger, especially when we do resistance exercises like bench press or chin-ups. So, besides lifting weights at the gym to work on my biceps brachii or triceps brachii, focusing on what I eat is key.

Keeping a balance with carbohydrates and fats also aids in muscle growth.


After discussing how protein intake fuels our muscles, let’s talk about hydration. Drinking enough water is key to helping our bodies digest and use the protein we eat. This process is crucial for muscle growth and repair after workouts.

If I don’t stay hydrated, my muscles might not fix themselves well, which can slow down my progress.

Water does more than help with muscle recovery; it boosts overall health too. It keeps joints working smoothly, improves sleep quality, enhances mental focus, and even helps me manage my body composition better.

So I make sure to drink plenty of water every day to keep my performance in top shape whether I’m doing barbell curls or chin-ups.


Growing bigger arms is in my reach, and it can be in yours too. With the right exercises like barbell curls, chin-ups, and tricep dips, I’ve found a path to stronger biceps and triceps.

Eating enough protein and staying hydrated also play big parts in muscle growth. Mixing these workouts with back exercises ensures my upper body stays balanced. So, I keep pushing myself harder each week, aiming for those gains.


1. How can I start building bigger arms?

I begin by focusing on exercises like dumbbell curls, preacher curls, and chin-ups. These target my biceps, brachioradialis (a muscle of the forearm), and lats to increase arm size.

2. What is a good workout for targeting my biceps?

For targeting my biceps specifically, I include exercises such as Zottman curl, reverse curls, and barbell preacher curls in my routine. They help work both the long head of the biceps brachii and the elbow flexors effectively.

3. Can push-ups help grow my arms?

Yes! By doing triangle pushups and press-ups, I not only strengthen my chest but also engage my triceps extensively which contributes to arm growth.

4. Should I eat differently if I want to grow bigger arms?

Definitely! Eating in a caloric surplus with a focus on complex carbohydrates sources fuels muscle growth. However, it’s important I avoid simple sugars found in candy and cookies which can lead to unwanted fat gain.

5. How important is including leg workouts like squats for arm growth?

Incorporating exercises that work large muscles groups like hamstrings through squats or push presses helps boost overall strength conditioning which indirectly supports growing bigger arms by enhancing hormone release beneficial for muscle growth.

6. Is there any specific equipment that’s essential for an effective arm workout?

Using barbells for movements like the reverse curl or dumbbells for incline bench curls adds variety to my workouts ensuring all parts of my muscles are engaged leading to better gains.

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